The Uncanny Inspiration Behind Simpson Trump ($TRUMP)

Welcome to the world of Simpson Trump, the meme coin inspired by the legendary predictions of The Simpsons! If you’ve ever marveled at how this iconic show seemingly foresaw the future, then you’re going to love how we’ve turned that uncanny foresight into a revolutionary cryptocurrency. Simpson Trump ($TRUMP) isn’t just another meme coin—it’s a digital asset that captures the magic of one of the most talked-about predictions: the election of Donald Trump as President. We’re blending pop culture, satire, and crypto innovation to create a coin that’s as unpredictable and entertaining as The Simpsons itself.

A Community Built on Humor and Prophetic Insight

Our project is built for those who appreciate the humor and foresight of The Simpsons and want to be part of a community that celebrates this cultural phenomenon. With $TRUMP, every holder is not just investing in a coin but joining a movement that values fun, creativity, and a touch of the prophetic. Simpson Trump leverages robust blockchain technology to ensure security, transparency, and growth potential. Our goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem where memes, predictions, and cryptocurrency come together, providing endless entertainment and opportunities for profit.

Turning Predictions into Profits

Imagine trading a coin that brings a smile to your face every time you think about its origins. That’s the essence of Simpson Trump. It’s more than just a meme—it’s a nod to the past, a laugh in the present, and a smart investment for the future. Join us in this exciting journey. With Simpson Trump, you’re not just riding the crypto wave; you’re part of a story that’s been decades in the making. Let’s turn predictions into profits and have a blast while doing it!



Stage I - 2024

Team Assemble

Identification of problems

Whitepaper Development

Website and Socials set up

Programming and Coding of AI Bot

AI Trading Bot on MainNet (Major CEX)

Frame work set up for different Apps and OS

AI generated NFTs

Stage II - 2024

Market Analysis

Awareness Creation

$Trump Presale

Prelaunch Awareness Creation

Successful Launch on DEX

Stage III - 2024

Listing $Trump on CMC, CG, & Nomics

Release of AI Bot on Telegram & Discord.

Influencers Shoutout on Twitter and Youtube

NFT Minting DApp Release

Stage IV - 2024

Massive Marketing Campaign

Billboard Ad & Ad companies partnership

Influencers Partnership

CEX Listing

The Future beyond!